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Chicken Dead Chicken

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What up, the move is on to Marrathon Tx to set up my final studio and super fort!.

whats been going on well, just running around alot and trying to have real time art shows, in real time not the net so much, the Net days with ebay and folktardism have run its course and its time to cash in on larger exhibits and ambitions,. ei the Shotgun show early this year, moved 14 paintings in one night! bamb!
so for this site, i would suggest find me on fb gz art or instagram, which i like and i upload to utube,
but still kicking!

Still here , but i have moved


Chicken Dead chicken and the net,
this site is to difficult to up load i am still paying for it to run but its old
The Folk Dual conclusion in extended entrys
if you want to keep track of my work
instagram is the best way
find it ,

Screen Shot 2016-09-25 at 11.00.25 AM.png
and ebay posting will go on the the 13th art sale
utube is being postponed untill i get new material and can settling into my main
studio compound in tMarathon tx
thats whats really is going on building a master studio so i can really open up the gates! all my studios over the last hell 15 years have been crawl spaces,.

Headed back out there next March but untill the mean time its the 13th folk deal the last couple next year double 13, hummm

and, it looks like my chickenhead art building deal made out in Marathon texas is in a book about people of the big bend are, , not bad!, Winning!, by God now i can get me a piece of Ruby ! i got her ass in a book, come on already!

Eric Weller, passed yesterday,



I think some where back, when i had a couple of classed with Weller in 94-5 drawing and photography , i learned to be a bumkin nutcase based on his laughs and explosive outbrust over comical crap i would throw at him in class, for that i thank you and give credit for the shapeing of and the current mess that my "art" career has evolved into over the years,, its a compliment, i would have it no other way. Eric always had a zesty smile about him and liked to laugh . One thing i suspect that is missing in todays college setting at least at the state level , is that proffs are less personal they more guarded or censored now., When i went to class its really not the subject you learn about but more about the Proffs life and opinions and bio, which i cherished , that was/is the gold. Weller was a gold mine! One story that always stuck with me was this hike he took on a mountain in Col. and he got stuck and thought he was going to freeze to death, he told the class he just accepted the fact that he was going to die and was to beet to do anything. He said he just layed there and let the snow cover him but after a couple of hours some people rescued him , i think thats the way it went, but the meaning of the story was about accepting his fate and thought "ok, thats it i am gonna die right here", Weller was a karsimatic story teller with his humor and his explaintive outburst. It was easy to set him up in a story and get him going. The last class i had was with Weller , summer 1995 photography, (thats what he is known for) I was living on this farm out in Mendoza and was taking old rural barn sheep photos, b/w Weller set up all these assiments and wanted us to do all these differnt subject one being a nude , i thought there no way i was gonna get a nude or a live naked woman to undress for me or myself!, so i though man , these photo papers all the material i want to use this after the facts of the class so i made alot of sheep photos lots the whole semester was barns and sheep, Weller said i am was going to get a D or C in the class if i kept it up ,. so when the lecture came around about nude photography i had a friend write up a fake note from my mom asking Weller can i do another assiment as i am Christian and looking at nude women might be to much for me, could i have another assiment like photoing some thing safe like sheep. So right when he was about to start the lecture i raise my hand and walked over to the podium and with my head bowed down low sheepishly handed him the note which he read, to himself, and then looked a me while i sat down and yelled, loudly "bullshit!" the rest of the class was like WTF!, Well that note become a fixture for Weller over the years, and comical distraction about people who cann't handle the nude. Weller! you will be missed, gz

I'VE BEEN TROOOOLLLLLED!!!, LOOK AT THIS VIDEO AND WATCH Fat Fuck REDmud try and tell this drunken lady in some random bar in Athens GA Mandy how much a creep i am and how he Fucked me over ! she is agreeing with my side and that is makeing that soulless REd mud Folk artist Chandler mad! thank you Mandy for trying to argue with this psycho! your going to be a new character in my lovely ladys on Ebay God Bless you

IMG_3875.JPG fail jolly chimp

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