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George Chicken


December 31, 2003

Studio (et04) set


"things my mother warned me about" 2003 fall Floyd studie

"The Day After Halloween" fall2003
View image(cat on my roof) sold only cardboard model in the show.


"Goat saves rats" not inspired from PFA but is part of the brickwork deal i did several goat paintings when i got back, (sept03) see this goat paintings

"Clod Sheep" 2003 dec

"three goats and a barrel"


"Dogfight at the Race Track" I think this is one of the best one so far i spent something like five months on it,. sold C,CravenFlyod 03 , pfa


This painting called "the challenge" i also ended up selling it to MonkeyAnvil studios. so i guess it won't be in the show but is still part of the set,? here were two studies from this painting 04
studie 1

studie 2


"New Comer" part of these monkey on backs paintings, inspired by these models, PFA studie


This painting, the largest sofar, is called "Peaceable Kingdom" . i also made a small studie to go with it, the orginal ides is from a plastic farm animal model.
Flyod pre-painting 2003 studie on cardboard


"Three deers and a two bunnies" based on a floyd pic 2003, "you know what the World is?" fv 03

IM000861.JPG "Animals on Crack" sept 2004, last pfa of the set.


"Deep Sea Detectives" inspired from a model i made here 2004pfa- image
View image

"Great Indian BBQ" sum 2004,(inspired from a PFA model) This paintging was on the card and also got on to Glasstire.com

"Lions struggle with Serpents 2004" inspired from an Ol' Master painting (Kassel)
View image "lion"

"Open Field" sum 2004

"Muddy Pen" 2004 summer, not really pfa but part of the black inken abstracts.

IM000756.JPG "Texas Gold" sold, one of the most popular form the show, sum 2004, first in the Texas Gold stamps set.

Posted by chickengeorge at December 31, 2003 01:33 AM