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this painting was sorta the last of the Fv set, now i am working on some 14-15 paintings for the Hideout show in Nov. this is alot of work!

FV fall 2003

View image (LS-1-12)
View image (LS-2-12)
View image(black ditch 3-12)
View image(4-12)

View image(green hill 5-12)
View image(medusa 6-12)
View image(LS 7-12)
View image(song for Ben 8-12)

View image(LS-s 9-12)
View image (Ls-s 10-12)
View image(LS-s11-12)
View image(LS-s12-12)

View image(black top 2003 fv)
View image(black top 2003 fv)

Its September!
the end oF sumer for me, and i am on to try and get done with all the eyes of Tex show, see listing

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