highway men


(this is a paintg for the hide out show nov, fv2 , not finnished)

Here is a link over to jeff Baily's site,,
i happen to see jeff last week, he came over to Breham. He looks all cleaned up lost something like 40 pounds and quit drinking and goes to AA, he is like the old jeff of 94, not this gansta jeff, i could go off on alot of storys, . One of the things we are going to start doing is landscapes, i think as an mini adventure we are going to camping out around the big thinket (chain of Lakes) and set up studio somewhere and start painting for about three days, and then i think the fun part is taking the work and finding some odd place to drop it off on until we come back again,.
One of these interesting storys i read about the "highway men" of flordia, well its the title of this book about these troup of African American men who set out making palette knife landscape paintings , traveled and sold them to hotels, . the story was real interesting in regards in the time the guys did this , i think 50-60s. They were all young and were making money and living the artist life, whtch if you think about is rare in the rual south, with out any gallery rap or high society pampering you along, these guys just cut loose womanised and partyied out and painting, and I think thats the way it ended too. but their work was sold all over the place, and is collected now. is it great art, ? is that really a pertanit question today's in these post modern times?

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