end of feb



yea, fuck it

things are roling along as usual, nothing to new,
basicly i have one or so week to sit down and make this one main project come together.,
my mind id getting lost in cheeto discriptions, just trying to figure out the range of shapes of cheetos is madding, i was up here, with ,well all the cheeots have been glued down to cardboard, and i have been sorting them, some how finding some new strand, i think the project will look great, in the end,

but none the less

it will come together in the end, no matter what by the 20, of march;

i think i am to drama outted like their is nothing to bitch or complain about, just alot of reading, good God i am getting borring now,

but alas folks

this era will soon be over before this year is up and chickengeorge will be on to some new place, a bit smarter,
an as for work,
look out i have two big surprises headed,
but the first goals
"the Egallery show" about collection, the nature of art
the Rurualist show up in Chicargo,
some 12 pieces for that deal,
on to Japan!
and all that bizness

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