conti on the wackos of the world


man i love that video ,

i guess it reminds me

One of my good friends back in highschool jimmy k, went a bit Jesus bonkers and tryed to convert everybody i was one of his main targets along with tom,
but this guy, or film maker kinda like an evanglitical "Borat," type of stuff, it is also like "Jon wayne Tex BBQ", and "TBN"put togehter, i was always trying to get Drek to get into this but not being sarcastic, more like the real deal bit in a reenactors kinda way, mainly targeting , all the liberal types, its a fine line between bating hate and being hate, but if your acting, what does it mean, its funny how religious stuff can make people go off there rocker, mainly the reaction to it, if i was to go on a crusade, it would be something as serverly geeky and aggressive as this tracy guy, or the skits he comes up with,
but back to jimmy , it even looks like jimmy to, oily long hair , big glasses, hummmm
One of my favorite stories about jimmy was he was always on a mission, and felt he was like a super hero or something lilke God is watching who he converts and the act he did, he was yelling at me in an almost psychoticly crazed mannor but very serious,
actauly i credit him for my whole intrigue into art, one of the perspectives he delivered was the world was nothing, nothing matterd but getting to heaven , so by that token, if you just believe, and i belived in art or my own acts of perpetual escapism, kinda akin to going to church to remined yourself who you are, well, then the material maul America didn't matter, hell nothign matters,.
well with that idea, i guess it had an effect on me right out of highschool and i ran with it,. but also cherished the unique world jimmy must have dewled with, what became of jimmy, i think he joined the navy and settled down a bit.,

So what am i working on, hummmm--=-= the thing that makes things photos soon,!
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a show comming up

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