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to bad this photo won't up load directly, its taken from James Evans, he bought all of Monte's brushs in an estate sale,
his site!!
but there it is ,
Yea, i heard a while back , from the net actually that, he commited sucide, in his house, read about it on some site somewhere,
i never really got to know the guy, Monte Schatz this artist out in Marathon Texas

, he was fifty plus a bit eccentric and sorta delisional from what i could remember in talking to him,
you meet all kinda of folks in the art buisness, some are real stubborn, like they never really delt with or accepted life beyond a school setting, and the art gradurism forget about it!, it pumps the fire even higher, i sorta got that from him. he was obsessive, like to make layered polyworks about snake patterns , i think he collected a lot of snakes, and claimed he had secret knowlege of them,.
its almost like a wise tale, you play with fire,
i think what set him off on his own demize was one of his snakes bit him, he let them run free ,i think in his house, slept with them etc, i think some were poisenious too, he was real whacky about them, anther story about him i heard was he was to move to Marfa in the begining but , some how the city found out he had something like 200 plus vipers the said "no way!", and threaten him.
I talked to him a couple of times out in Marathon when i lived out there in 2002, he was out there, basicly didn't listen much, and would rattle on about stuff, i remember on time observing him at this wierd art opening at this bank that was opening their, and he hovered around his piece of art, it sat on a table and it had a blanket under it, . at the time of the receptionion he was so OCD about presenting the piece he was straightening the table cloth and arrageing the piece over and over, i thought it was some kinda comedy act,.
thats one thing about the desart area, if your a single male 50 plus man, its gonna be tuff, ,
i think Bill, one of the disgruntle adjunct, wants to go out there , i told him the sun would eat him alive, if not the solitude, cause once your out there , its like retireing the bull to the pasture, that's it you just going to become more eccentric, nobody is going to fuck you, ever again! well maybe some wondering mountain goat riding SUVs
its got me worryed cause i like the silence, when i was out there i grew to loathe or avoid the citys, it seems nothing matters , So a character like monte could flurish, so to speek,
and create his own demize, or funeral. i remember telling James and Tim thater that i was making the chickenhead house with chickenheads and having snakes in their bill, they said you better not do that Monty is paranoid crazy he will take it serious, "but chickens hate snake, its nature"
ahhhh the tradgy of it all at least from what i felt from Monty was the seriousness of art itself, and this need for validation, maybe thats insainity in itself.

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