trollers and stalkers


One of the funny things that never happened to much on my site, well really at all, come to think about it,,
was i was never stalked, much
hell even on my ebay auction or utube
i always wondered, why?.....

When i would hear these wild stories that my good friend would tell me about crazy flame wars and their secret ids,and how to bash other people for what ever reason, doing research on every piece of dirt or activity on somebody to get back at them cause they made a unpleasant comment from some another anonymous id,.
i always wonder why, Why havn't there been major trollers after my ass, hell look at my utube!
Trolling is really a specialized behavior kinda like stalking., i don't think i am really stalkable enough, cause i am not a hot female. Who wants to stalk an middle age fat white horny guy,. and a showman artist type, hell stalking them would be doing them a favor.

but stalking can also mean just researching and following what somebody is doing on the net, is that stalking ahhhhkkk , more like research for personal reasons/interests.

But trolling is different
you have to go start trouble first and then the other trollers come out after you, thats typical the way it works. they get rooted up.
, if you spend the wee hours of the night on the net trying to find something on somebody then your mostly a troller , if your trying to find that comment box to say nasty stuff cause you know someone will read it, your a troller, if you have more that five ids on some public site, your a troller,.
"i seen it were two fake ids form the same person would argue on the same site, with each other ,these people just love to put stuff out there"
So in the history of this site CDC.
how many nasty comments have relentlessly been delivered to me, hummmm , none other than a couple of my smart ass freinds,.
i though ebay would pull down some serious foes,
nope ,
what about utube naaa,
Trollers are like detectives they love diggin up stuff and putting the puzzle together and its always the usual suspects who might fuck with them to start with , thus being other trollers who are doing the same to them, it eventual becomes a paranoid cycle where when anything negative that happen to you on the net you think its got to be so and so,
"the bases of a Paranoid is mind surfing people's motives and why".

So why havn't i had any flame wars or trollers after me, well its cause don't start shit with people, and i don't have fake ids, all trolling is political it has a history, it starts somewhere and goes here, its also called Drama. and some people are the queens of it.

I would watch my comment boxes get loaded up with people who would argue , on and on the same slanderious stuff, over and over again, i though well this must be therapy for them. they have to do this and oddly it always a romance of hate , they look for these types to sound off to,. its entertainment maybe, like trash talking, is it serous? i couldn't figure it out, some people just love to write basicly. and write alot,.

For me, i only like to speak to those who are listening after a while i feel like whats the point of talking when nobody cares.
sounding off to somebody is not talking. Nobody is listening and its not a conversation it a statement.
Trollers i suspect think the whole world is watching them tell off this person, its like the corner store loud mouth who judges the rest of the passer byers and gets excited cause they call somebody a name, and everybody can hear them say it.

"the net is anther world kinda like "other life""

which leads to why i sorta wanted to close down my life on the net. This solution might be as simple as not paying for the net to be here, Me and Justin have figured its sucking our evening dry when we ain't drinking and listening to loud music.,

Well the net is like anther world almost cult like where you participate with all these other folks you can be drawn in cause its like a community where you get to know each other, you get a reputation your liked, and maybe net life might be more interesting that your real life, who knows? it may be the only world that you will be liked in, its very specialized.
The summery

Trolling is l also like lawerying to a degree , when you know to much about how the world can hurt you, via the law or your net life, then you become consumed with controlling it, causes you know your to vornable to an attack. It takes on a cult like world were common scene is replaced by laws and secrets , The net is like your "reputation" so to speak, what you put out there as an individual comes back at you,
Whats came back at me on this site and the history of my net life, ,,
well nothing bad
and alot good

if you find the world is as negative as you portray it to be, its cause your that way to begin with. and hences is the life of a troller.
one who can only dance with those who are on the floor.
I don't dance i watch

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