Freddy and the chicken toes



So this on is , or was the first of the evolution of the cann hamm deal basicly , i am running out of certian cans but have a crap load of soup cans out there so i am making like doll houses, imagine a rusty tin shed glues togather with insulation foam, this kinda rusty look, i might though some to ebay who knows as primative doll houses but, really they are a sculpture piece, i have full standing one comming up====
this piece is going for 300 out of the show comming up Wake the dead==
also a note about this piece i made a video about cooking chicken feet well these are the claws or toes glueed into the pieces with coffee grounds, -- a dvd comes with it, ---
Actually one postive reason to bring back CG is to make videos about stuff i find and start building a collection of video narritive works , the videos make the deal the art piece reflect the time made or thought up , hummmm

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