the return back to Marathon, and CDC info up date


Well, what was suppose to be one of the better 4th's turn out to be a be bust, it rained and was sorta depressing in retrospect.,

i am curious does anybody i know read this, site, i went through the stats on it for my hoster it says it make make 1600 hits a month or visits if anybody out here read this...
click conti reading...

Reads this make a coment like "yeas", so i know some body isn't some robot, ahhh

Well, whats in store , well the move is on to Sanderson i suspect, i am gonna keep this place here its like 100 bucks rent but i need a bigger place to work in like a serious studio, so i am eyeballing places around the big bend to set up,. Justin is working at a ranch and won't be back any time soon, he says his computer is fucked and needs to make some money

the calendar deal is on hold i completed four paintings but thety arn't perfect to my standards to i am slowing back down,

So what stuff is comming up right off the bat, the Friday 13th project, and some more movies about devil women in red dress, and i am got the Stella haus show on the move, i suspect ill bust outaa here and head back to Brenham in Sept for a couple of weeks

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