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well i am on the road here, i think the next year is going to wrap up
the Redford adventure will come to a close next Feb or so then back to Brenham, to build an instilation for some exhibits, , but i did get a piece or west Texas out there,
i had a whole funny story about my B day but i cannt seem to get it on here at the moment.

well back here , but no net


so it looks like i am still running around here , , hope my truck can make it, but today this month marks a great deal i just landed me some land out here in he west Texas , this painting is fitting to where and how its gonna happen
this painting made 2002 in Marathon,
so begins the evulution to the mythical studio barn situwations

updates , etc



a painting i made back in 1999, so whats going on, well i am on the move here for a while trying to reform shit, i am also trying to get a lot or some space out in big bend to store my work, land is still cheep out there if you can find it,. and i got a two person show at T.L.U. in seguin with Katie Pell , comming up

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