Still here , but i have moved


Chicken Dead chicken and the net,
this site is to difficult to up load i am still paying for it to run but its old
if you want to keep track of my work
instagram is the best way
find it ,

Screen Shot 2016-09-25 at 11.00.25 AM.png
and ebay posting will go on the the 13th art sale
utube is being postponed untill i get new material and can settling into my main
studio compound in tMarathon tx
thats whats really is going on building a master studio so i can really open up the gates! all my studios over the last hell 15 years have been crawl spaces,.

Well before anything can be born again it must die, and well the routines and antics ran its course, it did grade some egos and eventually nobody cared,. So with that the long venture with Red is over and i would say that , SC of all the people i have known over the years in an art context that being doing things together, on line , there has been no other artists i have been so close to, and i considered him as much about what i do as any of my artistic ego. Alot of work was made about him i mean alot! The folk dual my burns and hickish rednecky bs created alot of work, mind surfing a reaction out of him , like two kids making cartoons in class room of each other's drama,. all pivioting off of ebay's hi and lows and other idiots out there. but i started feeling the scene at least ebay has died,(crowds interests) .,Our work is as good as ever and will continue to improve, Reds newer stuff is great. But the folk dual should have stopped some three years ago, but out of bordum and like standing around in a waiting room we start bullshiting , . For me Ebay has siezed up , .
The friday 13th sale will be my only activity on there i suspect. but i have a ton of backstock i want to sell off but where??? I told one of our long time collectors Red has a bunch of this folk dual work ,(if haddnt destroyed it in a fit already) as i do, i have three boxes of it, mine, his and all the fans and trolls out there who made work on it. But i suspect, i give it 20 years from now my curiousity to go back and romanicize the past will happen and ill be back on it, I did have a blast posting and giving red some of the best comedy monologes i could muster but what might be a fun drunken rant one night, by about a week a month or hell 8 years might be a bore.

So it goes, and so did Red, my best of luck to him and where be may venture next, ,.

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