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pigs in field


one of the things i liked about these plastic farm animals, was this arangement or pattern of the toys, i started hunting out these things on ebay, mainly small pigs, i sat in amazement of the possiblitys, like making little ant piles of pigs, the best is i didn't have to draw each one of them i could hot glue them down and make a painting of them, or at least a model
I sold one to this critique from Radford VA, he like them alot the plastic animals, what they looked like, and as he talked to me about the work i had to make a desission, be a retard, or be an artist, hummm, i like being a retard, but in this case i wanted to talk to the guy about the whole "politic of the outsiers, bs", he knew alot and was quiet gregarious, entertianing, he said the field is now enidated with superfiicalys, cause rich folks have gotten involed, and created a demand, and title. i suppose my presants there young white, somewhat serious male , also sorta fauwled up the presants of the idea of the outsider fok art, find,. i am just having a good time some where else.

one of the appeals of the whole folk art , as i have stated many times before, was you could be your own parade, and not have to depend on the gallery system or art clicks of the citys for validation, all you had to do is go out and set up some where and hit the general public,. you can be you own wacko.
as long as you love what you do.
cause baby you gotta love this shit to do it,
and loving it is loving what could become, as a picture and idea
the whole world has gots to stop cause ,
you said
"what the fuck is this here'!
"little pigs all lined up in a maze like pattern on a hill with a clear blue background, and the contrast of dirt to there pink bodys, like maggots "

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