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Hide out show


Well i put up some 25 paintings over in the Hide Out, a coffee place in austin, the show looked good, alot of chickens and fences, older pieces, sorta this whole chicken pumpkin theme i was into back in 2001, but there was alot of older pieces in there too, it was freaken cold tonight, at the opening, or reception, drank some beers etc, ate dinner than came home, i will take the show down at the end of this week. it been up for about a month,

all entrys made from in the past are being taken off the net slowly, ,very time consuming, and being printed off into this book or personal journal, may29-2007

this is the where it all began 2004jan i am using this month to hold images tempory, one good thing about having this site,,



goldie and maddog


this is a painting i did out in west texas