About Chickendeadchicken: December 2008 Archives

well it started in 2003 dec 28
and here it still stands
five years of odd ball grammerticly challeges writting , artworksSo
whats the stats on the site so far? well i had a state engine for a while but dropped it a while back i think feb this year cause the site hits dropped off to noithing, but what i figured was my blog writting software was so out of date it didn't know how to funtion etc, thanks to Jimmy he saved the site,.,
so i gave up on it for a while keep in track of ho is on here etc, but i went to my hoster powerweb and checked out there stats and they claim i get 34,thousand hits a month, Geeeze on what!, who knows,
Where is the site going on the five year party, well it will still roll on,, i have to get a new mac note book , stilll computerless,
So in perdictions, i think my stay here at San Marc will be done, by may , ill be done here, i thought i was going to leave this fall, butt...
i can tell its getting time to leave, i feel fat anxious, i want to punish myself make me rebuild, thin lean a back to my roots, some where out in the Big Bend desart, this time its gonna be differtn, venture # 3 will be differnt,