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painting and such



well its been about two weeks here in production, it a bit odd like a prison basicly the heat keeps you arrested, but what marvelious acts of painting , are taking place, well
i am setting out on very site related issues, not trying to build a contempoary style or worry about that i am just going to let my imagination and visual world move it, i know there is this display i want to make over in Marathon i am working on,. called Canned Hamm, more on that in a few weeks, and,
ia m makeing this like seimi impressionistic / folk - type of work , but i keep throwing out in ebay, cheep! to fucking cheep ,
the last painting i posted on here the sheriff chicken george on wood went for 20 bucks, i started to wonder if anybody reads this site any more, or gives a shit as to what i am doing on here, maybe i looking for some buyers not stalkers anymore, this site has been rolling for what over four years, and this is all the pull its got, ahhhh fuck it,
i am out trying to get justin going on this devil dog deal, somehting to take to Marathon, etc he is makeing some landscapes, we have some plans, i am going to stick with local folk lore, like henry clay or kelly pruitt, stuff that can meet my grizzled ends here