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i Revised my main site, and sorta rounded up all the things i do, i added a "items for sale "


basicly i am going to try and sell off the back log of Chicken George pics ranging from 2000-2009- and every Friday 13th i am gonna throw out alot of stuff , that i don't know what to do with but real cheep, .make a vid about it promote it, etc,
But there are some real good ones and big ones, like the two above i am not going to give away, basicly.

Death of....



I feel like one of those D&D nerds who had to go to rehab cuase they got to into there characters, and had to lay down one of them down, cuase its just to much to deal with man! when he got killed on on level 5 in dundars castle, .
ill be back on there utube when i sorta figure out what to do next, i needed to resolve some things left people hanging. so its like an end to something
there are plenty of material already shot , i had like six episodes about with me and Justin doing shit, around here, i liked coming up with these things but you have to be in the mood to shoot, its alot of planing ,


have to reedit the movie,