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Updates etc


So whats going on?
Well, whats in the news?
well, it looks like am tied up here for the moment and trying to resolve some art pieces and add to some new ones for the Curry display deal and take some piece over to the Wake the dead show , it will be our final show the conclusion to me and Justin activitys, here,. i am rounding up about six pieces plus this bad burned barbie art , i might post it on ebay and prote it to a degree, so more will be comming up these next two weeks while i am here then i am gonna hit the road again and be back here for the long dry hump till this fall, and target my weight back down, which i seem to fail at,
but man, i am jonesing to go CG again, me and justin came up with some good bits , but shooting stuff nobody seems motiveated to do , we are not actors and not film people everything shot in the past was sorta in the moment, , maybe the moment is gone now , i don't know,.
But alas this other greater project awaits, its,-----
this one movie thing i want to make deailing with this sculpture piece and a game, shot with a new video camra i need to get some how,
and round up a new body of work to promote , i got some new places to target plus my return to SA town
so folk i aint dead just on the road
ask me a question?