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What ahead in San marc


greenguy-sanmarcos.JPG photo taken at Green Guy recyling, amazing !
Well, i am back here, sorta thrown into the swing of things with odd ball jobs mainly painting houses, again,. which is good Redford made me lazy!,

So what in store , well, being here, i don't have my studio out back its rented so i am couch surfing, , which means i am more vid driven ,its a bunch more easyier to make this kinda stuff, --
and what that might be well, i am finding new females to shoot some vids with and come up with some new antics where i con them into making chicken paintings for the Friday 13 th, deal this comming May, i think its going to be alot of woodglue and tissue,.
So why waste time on babes, why con them into makeing art, or folk art maybe, who knows, .
well its fun , and the video ideas are interesting like bad scripts in the CG zone, it might be something to do with my own personal collecting motives to collect the moments with women who don't usssually make art, and the rareity of it, if its valueable at all, , well i see it as a my own personal collection, kinda like Rubys rooster deal , its funny and sorta like stupid drama, cause the object has a history to it, i guess all objects have some history to it, but not really
history is about activitys of people like counting the times a squarl would run up a tree, is it important, naa, even in art terms its just an object but, in my zone its the universe of babes that paint chickens, humm its almost shadowing a porn site with all the models or wanna be hoes on the site trying to make money, ahhh amature art driven fames stuff, but oddly enough there isn't much expectation to any of this like utube , after one looks at the scope of counter hits and activeity over the years, if its all to personal it will have a limited appeal and you can almost say anything you do on the net cause its so massive , is candid but avaialbe, . for those with good and bad minds, even this site, for cryin out loud, look at it, its been running since 2003, i don't even know what the stats are on it the older solfware to run it i cannt keep it in date anymore , so i gave up looking after it, the only way i have an idea of it its like 1-2 thousand hits a day, all spam , and photo stuff i bet, maybe 10 hits on actual reading it , and i bet i know who they are, so its candid,
but, now on women, for me its like collecting personal momentos these works and i like to track them , one good thing about the net its it make stalking sooo much easier facebook and hell if you want to be seen or sell stuff you can keep track of folks, , well i don't call that stalking more like whats so n so up to these days, when you mix art around it you have this one unique item up, a picture that symoblizes all this other stuff, it might menan nothing to nobody, but it is entertainment , and can take on these grandious geektumness about scams and scores, i guess this is art terms, plus its a old school geek gesture to lure women into your cave and hand them a brush and say alright lets make a painting, and then they run away but whats left, hummm ..... oh there are some secret scruffy works that were made last year the best ever!, and Buttons looke like she might chip in, let the games begin