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OKAY mountian



What is this? its a video mounted in a box , the box looks likes a brick building, where you look threw the window and see the videos "books of BBQ" look at the vids, its like looking threw a crack in the wall to this activity, its private,

Books of BBQ


this will be shown over at the place along with key pieces


Well folks i am having a show in Austin at OK mountain, i am in the project room but the main gallery is this guy!, who did the animation in the video Devin Flynn is in it, i love this video its fucking funny, so i am proud to be assosiated with him like this, its a great day, WTF... lets get drunk or something.
ill be profiling out the Books of BBQ deal and some Atari work-- i might have to make a video on this or something

click on link above to see this vid its classic