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Happy Halloween!


The Halloween motif , mixed with Christian know how in judgment is an interesting bad mix of painting and crafterism, at least thats what Tammi was about, Halloween with out all the seriousness it being "real" or seen as a religious act, is really just cute funtime activitys for kids with all these known symbols, and things are ment to be scarey in a safe way , that about it, or all ever came to know about halloween , untill the Horror moives and a couple of paranoid Christians went nuts taking the holiday too seriously,.
Tammi folk art

As i was driving around yesterday, trying to figure out how to fit in this venters both , what kinda art work would sell off the chickengeorge plank, i thought, man my taste in art sure has been wrapped, its hard for me to get motivated by art ideas that arn't some how covertly inspired by some horror concept.
This was made around the time when me and Tammi were hanging out that afternoon.

Pell/Zupp show TLU


Katie Pell,
who is she?, well i have known her for a while , if anybody recalls, she was in a video i made along time ago when i lived in the Shotgun house, i rented it from her, in San Antonio, the video was called "Katies Chickens", the video was about an art project she made where, she made fake rooster combs made out of cloth to cover a comb for the hens like a a comb glove, so the rooster wouldn't pick on them, what was funny about it was the Femmist diatribe about male opression in this pet outfit, she looked crazy and mad,. So we got to meet up for a show over in this college in Seguin,. the work she had up was sorta a collection of things she likes to make,, Soapy vanitys, sweet colorful ironies about self esteam , the Pop life. The sculpture in the middle of the gallery was made like a nursery room piece for children, it could fit this catigory, it stands up like a pedistol where you can go stand in front of the wings and grap the wings like as if you were the butterfly and all theses cute forest creatures are smiling, (they are drawn into the wings, it has a Disney quality to it like all the woodsy creatures sing praises to you,, i think she mentioned that in one of her talks. Its very Self esteam psychology, or art spun off it, something i think anybody born from 60 upwards is exposed to in school, the esteam building. Her moralism to it after 30 years exposure of it via comercials anything dealing with raising children, Tv shows etc, it is the ingrained narasism thats grown out the lifestyle of the incomplete or abused esteam, how to "heal" it. The other works like the Mick Jaggared one, were on paper hand drawn and part print. I think in SA we made a good pair artisticly and in delivery cause he have this qurky, spastic .fuck it, addituded based on our neurtotic art senciblitys and the need to go low, sorta the bedrock of populism at this point,.

mid Oct


Yea Halloween us comming up,
check out this video,

i am throwing a whole crap load of work up on ebay then thats it, till May next year , i believe now and i said it a bunch on here Ebay is over, not many more fish to catch on there, , to bad

Ahhh so time goes on
for the moment i am trying to get done with the stella show, ill profile each of the pieces here so you can get an idea

hummm ebay


So i think i am going to be posting a bunch of work on ebay ,Cheep!, its stuff that sketch around here , old stuff i found for Halloween
check it out,
like this work above,
The Bitch is gonna run the house now!
read more ,

i am going though some past entrys, and i know this might seem stupid
but this one piece of work , is it stupid
well, this thing was made in 2003, its plastic goat and there is a ghost with snakes comming outta its mouth wrapping around the goats legs as its leaping, its a 3d model type of thing
ok , so why talk about this piece,
you see....

Back and around


Well the show , or reception was fun, i am hanging out in a motel in Seguin now , free net and its comfortable here, the college pinned me up , no bad i might say, i have photos of the show comming soon,

But last Friday, fuck, my b-day deal, i wrote it out but lost it some where, well basicly here is what happen i have been wacking down a half a quat of tequlia a night leading up to that friday, i made the closing on the two lots, and was just hanging out there
on the two lots, that late after noon ,pacing the place off sipping tequlila and talking to my self about what to next, when this homeless guy DeWayne walks up , he "worked" next door at this hostile , or organic green builing etc center, thats my next door neighbor, we start chatting seemed like a fun guy, about 50 , real tan, excon, sorta typical psycho with anger isssues about life, humm ,, lets get drunk
i thought it was all fun , nothing serious, but after a while he started reveing up , real animated, abotu his life and, (classic utube) if i had shot it, but ...
well i ended up leaving and went to the bar and had a hamburger then , i went over to James old gallery passed out a threw up all over the place outside!, luckly hoss was around, an in one of those rare dog bonding moments , in the minst of my head spinning worrying about he trafic driving by, who could see me , laying perfectly still,
i knew Hoss wasn't gonna let me wast that fucking ten buck hambuger,, yeas this is the life, , snap out of it, you left your glasses and hat at the bar along with the food you didin't pay for, so after an hour i pulled myself together and staggared over there and payed up but i think Hoss was now drunk.
so i crawled into the back o my truck and went to sleep,.,
the next morning i hear Dewayne went nutz over at the hostile , he went into the bathroom put his head threw a mirror and started cutting himself, and wanted to fight everybody,. well the sherifs dept showed up and took him away.,
maybe its time to slow down here