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another piece


Well, a good cold front blew through last night not bad, now i feel like working,.. humm so whats in store this next month, well i have five project planned out, made like advanced figures mounted on boards, i am now trying to blow out the three main ones, Reno,Jones Rice , i think i am going to do like a set of C,Rice to get a good feel on how to sculpt the figure first then paint, . Plus being back here, i am rounded up all the folk stuf to be locked away , making like crates for all the stuff, be done, godo bye, on to new stuff.,
----=-=-=-=-=-= this piece will be raffled off

Stella Haus Show


this is the show card i thought it would be funny to say "Tea party artist gz to show at,,,, " and see the reaction,
more photos of the show and vid in the works..
Well believie it or not i am still working on it, back here in Brenham busting some A to complete it,.