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Stella Haus Show



by Justin Graham,
"i told him to make this for the show"
So how did the show go, i would consider it went pretty good had a good time, got drunk on thursday, was sober on friday,
In San Antonio , there are two reception for a exhibit, in the Blue Star art district one being the one with food, the other more open to the public's first friday festival mentality, over all i sold three pieces, Justin's piece, this one i told him to make about a pillar of salt went first, then one of the black cows and the David and Golith piece, good turn out the weather was good to, so, its now lead me on the track to make what i consider ahhhhh
about two years worth of work comming up about , well
i guess you could call it media culture fan art or snippets from videos and media characters,
like i have the ambition now to make a lager "Body scan" piece and a set of Condannaliza Rice , and one Springer one,
the ideas can go on , and on,
but one thing i think is going to happen, is i am going to recycle alot of the frames and older material,,.
The Alex Jones piece, i think if it don't sale will be recycled,

this new work , one thing i like about it, which is a relief form painting on a canvas is the risk of redefining the compusistion all the time, which is a abstractions bad itch , is denied , by this under sculpture deal and a set photo,
so i am back here in Brenham, redoing my backstock and cleaning house so to speak,


Watch the recpetion show by Anna, i didn't shoot much i was to tired to think of anything, funny,