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So whats up , its Friday night ,


It seems i can get a six of natty talls for 4.35, WTf, the price is dropping!
Well lets see whats going on
well a couple of nights ago....

yeap, well a couple of night ago i showed these video to these two chicks i was talking to, you see the gallery red arrow made two dvd , videos pulled from utube , made about 20 copyies i got whats the rest of them , well i was showing them off to , this lady i work for, or really she is a freind, soi was hangin out partying i guess drinking beer and ended up taking a hit of weed, strong shit, to strong, i don't like weed but i ended up doing it and it about layed me out, on the ground like a fish out of water my feet were kicking , , well the video was playing on this big screeen volume up , the "one can to many " set, i was begging them to take this shit off , i cann't deal with it , they just laughted , i was on the ground crawiling to the tv saying stop it stop this video i don't want to hear me talk, it was madding , like my God, this is what your life is, you just got through makeing a painting of a fucking jolly chimp you couldn't selll for 100 bucks and you make these videos, like some retard, it was Hell, , i wanted to just sit there and think but the tv was talking to me in my fucking monalogs, i had to tell these party chick what this was it didn't make any scence my angle the jumpyness of the videol, yeakkks,, when they saw i was freaking out on the ground they started to laugh and one of them got on top of me and dry humped me i was like this is my fucking life, trying to have an arty moment , and ...

yeap it is my fucking life, what i realized is don't watch my videos stonned outta your ass, well it won't mean anything to anybody my vids, but i dare you make your own then watch them, and realize there is public who watches them , ahhh, well i hate weed basicly, Natty 24/7 and this new tea i found ,
So what else


So the reception went well i hung out with Blossum she went to the reception, lets see as a good time yea i had a good time but fuuuuuuccccck about a 600 buck investment , for the whole deal no sales, the DVD are cool , and i got somewhat of a write up but, the dishearting thing about the contempary scene is shit rarely move, you have to majorly hump a place to make it move , and i never stick around a scene for long so the net is th main outlet as pathic as it may seem,

the coffin piece



the coffin piece, the last woodie

Red Arrow Contemporary Show



yeap so its came and went like any other show, just an excuess to make more stuff, like these three sculpture pieces, the gallery did make this really funny video or DVD ill be posting here, its a collection of the utube bits,, some 12 paintings were thrown in on the deal two of them were this colbrative project with VM,.
So what is this the coffin piece, the man in chair the waver, and this stuff animal gross thing in a chair, whats its meaning????
i shot some photos of Freddy, he was profiled on one of my earlier entrys here, i will continue the story with him , he moved up to Dallas, i might go over all the stuff we debated