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whip your bottem


I think i have figured out, the mysteries of folk art, with this stupid video

Over in austin there are a host of bands who make silly childrens music,. its a riot and it is wierd but, this is where it comes from the reaction to a real life educational vid,.
kinda like real folk art verse reinacted folk art its all the same the only differance is folk art thats made by people have an unintended purpose they just make it for what ever , not nessarly for you ,. kinda like this video they didn't intend to push it to this type of fanship,.
maybe its what i call "bad art,"
maybe folk art is bad art stuff, its easier to explain it that way to heck with the folk art title.
Someone who makes "bad" art then there is a style and a swing to it, that looks real but then,,,.,.,.
whip your bottom looks real , kinda like "Jesus is a friend of mine" deal music vid, (there was an expose to try and say this was all fake but it wasn't. )
I guess bad art is just real bad,. why try and make it bad art maybe its use where it goes???? oh the mystery

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