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Chicken painting 96-97


In 96-97 i started making hundreds of these types of paintings, sorta like "the farside of the barn yard" i employed alot of humor with them and thus came the whole chicken george title, i like the title an revere its singularness of it,
" if all esle fails in my life i can always go back to painting chickens", and i did, it was a form of practic with paint, sold them at craft fairs etc, i think every contempry artist should set up there work at a craft fair a realise how little the public gives a fuck what they are rambling about , it quiet humbleing and abusive.
I love the craft fairs cause it was a good moment to sell to regular folks cute little bloody chicken paintings, i had this whole schtick with it, kinda like a like i was employed by this company as a professional chicken painter(my slingblade chicken routine). its real fun watch folks react to ya, as a pathic psycho or they got the humor of it. the one above was done by P Warmus, we had a computition to paint chickens i even trained him how to paint , we set up at Wimberly Market Days, he beet me, something like 11 dallars, afterward we talked about the day, and went out to the bar and ate. it was one time where art made sence.
This chicken painting was done by J Bailey he live at our house from time to time, One of the things about chickens was i would preach the chickens to all my art buddies, something around the lines that if you didn't know what you were gonna do in life , about art etc, well you just thought yourself too big , , when you paint chickens its all clear they want you to paint them, cause you suck, and this is the only honest expression out there, its real. and some grandma will buy your work and hang it in her kitch. where is all this "modernist" painting gonna lead you any way!
something around those lines, of course Bailey endured my monaloges and i was able to squeeze at least one chicken out of him.