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the legendary, Freddy McCoo,

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ski masks



IM002411.JPGR. Budd

i liked Budds ski mask set, kinda reminded me of a crime wardrobe, McCoo's
is about Terrorism,
ill be writing up McCoo next,

or the history of me and McCoo!

whats been going on in chickens social life, humm,
i am losing some weight, cause i am not eating so much, not drank any beer either, its hot outside, and i am concentrating on three new works comming round the corner, or sets
a gallery E show my third, ( four corners)
the Trojan horce deal
and more work spun off the high score set, i aint done with it yet,

as for stories there isn't any drama in my life, just table saws and hot glue guns


Stevo's art over Joe and Go



Stevo is going to become the next greatest folk artist out of San Marcos, listen up Yard dog!
View image stevo, painted this picture of muhammad, and he said he had it on flikr, and it went nutz even had it on ebay and it pulled,

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up next Fred McCoo

and what projects are in store, for this months,

buddies bemusings check it out,

this weekend


Gaberial work bought off ebay, i am getting into Haitan art work , even know this artist lives on the east coast, its got that Voodou feel

i am also considering shelving the "no drinking" clause tonight i want to get some shit done over here!
maybe only saturday is my beer day, yea thats the ticket!

The mind of Jobe


Brian Jobe's final show at the UTSA satilite space, called forest beneathe

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