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Sauter at blue star


Here are some shots of Chris Sauter piece over at Blue Star, he made this shed thing and it shows a womb, it reminded me of the birth/creative process, like the great house of production, or factory of ideas and wizardry, his enviorment was like an old wood shop barn with the main womb as the central piece and a lot of sketches to show the artist draftmans of mind, whirlwinds. i quiet like the piece, Sauter has always been on my radar since early this decade when i started to pay more attention to the SA art scene his name would pop up and i saw a couple of his show and in reviews, his character style is like part Boerne kicker part contemplative, wise ass, but his work is cleaver and well rounded , the only show i got to studied at lengths was the Pioneer show over at Finesilver, ,
Man i wish somebody would form a site just dedicated to the shit and gossip about these places, Finesilver or Blue Star, like a glasstire but with
all the good stuff to expose alot of the ill of places, an opinion page
you know its funny, cause i think of alot of interesting ins and out of the art scenes but writing about them , or criticizing them , humm is that good business,, hummmm
Over all i like what Sauter does,