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Five yeaars


So Whats been going on?
below , another score off ebay, a guy who is living in his van making hobo painting or homeless stuff, i like the one below , i think it was called dumpster dave,.
I think one of the most pathetic things i heard about dumpsters and the homeless, was this story out of Austin about this 300 pound homeless guy drowning from a heavy rain, cause was stuck in a dumpster outside pizza hut, or fell asleep in it?, man!


you can get this guys work on ebay real cheep, under five bucks.

E B Ott


one of my collected paintings of E B Ott, anther ebay score i like,
So whats been going on, well i am stuck over in in San Marcos this week doing stuff, tick tock, the time to get these painting done for the show is getting closer, other than that?
i plan on making a "how to cook a Briskect" plus a video on furlys art party this friday.