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Happy Halloween!


The Halloween motif , mixed with Christian know how in judgment is an interesting bad mix of painting and crafterism, at least thats what Tammi was about, Halloween with out all the seriousness it being "real" or seen as a religious act, is really just cute funtime activitys for kids with all these known symbols, and things are ment to be scarey in a safe way , that about it, or all ever came to know about halloween , untill the Horror moives and a couple of paranoid Christians went nuts taking the holiday too seriously,.
Tammi folk art

As i was driving around yesterday, trying to figure out how to fit in this venters both , what kinda art work would sell off the chickengeorge plank, i thought, man my taste in art sure has been wrapped, its hard for me to get motivated by art ideas that arn't some how covertly inspired by some horror concept.
This was made around the time when me and Tammi were hanging out that afternoon.