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odd storys from 97,


Kat D, or crazy kat, one of the Crazy house hoes back in 1996

going threw all this stuff i wanted to find the story of this one woman who showed up at our place(the chickenhouse before the fence), ahhh i think it was like in fall 97, me and the boys were sitting in the front room of the house , late one week night around 1 am or so looking at an old tv play old VHF tapes and we hear some body step into the house, from the back door,. we sat there i think it was me , phil, paul and todd at the time and Jeff was out in what he coined the" hovel",.
Well, we all sat still and listen to this person creep through backdoor into the kitchen , we knew it wasn't jeff it was to cautious and slow. We all started looking at each other and then at the corner where , who ever it was is going to turn and reveal themself at the other side or the room.
After the bars close, is when people come back to the house what ever drunken bar trash comes over and sometimes the boys bring somebody with them, hopefully its a hot babe! so it sounded like jeff brought home this babe but ...
so we all sat there giddly awaiting to see who it was. Well we were all started staring at the corner
, "man is this gonna be good
" and she slowly turned the corner, , and with all the delivery of somebody who won a new toster and a 50 buck Walmart card on a game show, this bleached blond big tittyed woman with beaddy eyes and and a smile going ear to yea, said and she was trying to catch her breath,
"Are you artists?" ---- " I am and artist to"!
hahahahahahhahahaah! in a laugh only some trainned exe coke head female would bleach out over the tiddy bar she worked at could bark out,
So was sat there , and the boys all looked at each other and thought WTF has Jeff brought back, from Triple crown.
this was one of her works---
more on Kat--

Back in San Marcos,

News Flash! the chicken Fence was hit by a drunk driver more soon!

grady Roper aka addited


I think this was the first of his Zines, came out before Proper Gander,


IMG_5694.JPG the goat roper

"House burning down"

I have been listening to the old Carny cd again might use some of it in the next film.

Cooper who what where



Coopers outstanding piece dealing with the end of times being an ass

Cooper drawing of chickengeorge


He' back and stalking me out in Redford , hummmm we gots some plans out by the grub shack,..,,


Whats up with Tammi


A painting i got form her last year, or so , classic
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