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Yeap this new dual stuff, hummm...clicke link only 20 bucks
So yea the dual its back to a degree i am shooting somr stuff this weekend, about it and mght go off on a project me and Justin were thinking about more comercially driven but in a stupid way, about it,.
one thing this time around in ebay , its dead, ebay is dead its about decroations now, go figure but its funny listening to reds angst about ebay establishing the real worth of something,., i suspect we have just milked this crap so long everybody that has one does, or cares,
i say the show must go on with out with out the dual idea but i do take comfort to know i have a target to pick on,i think all smart ass have to have somethign to start with

Red mud is back!


"I got some more vids all in the makes here in San marcos"

Buttons vs Scruffy


Buttons new video about some lady cutting off her leg, and an ebay link Man!!! WTF, she gone nutz,
Yeasss, Buttons, she is working hard to put her work out there and this video,
then there is Scruffy who looks like she is looking at the people of walmart site,

And yeas Scruffy has two sketches up , hell for 12 bucks a piece on her site under a pay pal link,.
12 bucks

here is the link to Buttons auction, 29 bucks
i am tempted to buy them all but these ladys owe me already, lol, so any of you stalkers out there i can think of two or three dud buddies of mine whats a couple of dollars to ya, you spend that much in beer, and food and these ladies would sure appreciate it,.

it think i am going to make some Sheen art on ebay, this new stuff while i am stuck here in san marc, for the week,

if this devil head don't sell i am gonna smack it with some wood glue,clicke link
Reds back at it again,


Well in my other Redford , vid , "the night that is a wash", i mentioned Folk art Jeff, or who I like to call "CootterJeff", cause he sounds real rednecky and is funny , He made a bunch of videos a while back about his new folk art studio and retail shop , then he sorta stopped, so in one of my rants, i mentioned him, in nice way sorta more like , this art bizness is about making shit , you gots to make shit etc,. Well, so heis videos are like he is talking to himself about folk art and old stuff, but in all the CMT redneck phrazes,, and i know he has never been on video he shoots from behind the camera

Some of my biddies thought his vids were fake but i thought , naaa this is for real , this CMT isn't an act, He went into the folk dual between me and red, and when Red pull alot of vid off, he was temping him with chief red clay, but nothing much came from it, i generally like his videos,
Where is this painting at sold back in 2009 form Bosco , the best one he ever made in my opinion

Great Ebay classic Fraud copy cat bullshit ego art made by guys who like to drink and troll the net, yeas this is Ebay folk art link to auction here

made bay Bosco---- here is his link----
this guy has made alot of wierd art about the folk dual and me and red, this painting i think was inspired by red--link-- lonnie tolliver deal,

i think bart, the tape guy, --- here is a link--- made a copy cat piece of Boscos and posted it to ebay, i wonder where it at or who owns it?
i think the intent to the whole project was like to get bosco mad , but in the end , i saw it more like the continuwation of this wierd line of work, which sat with me for a long time.

Check out this video, it was shot before the Redford deal in 2008, me and Justin were about to launch the folk dual on red, ----vid link---- ,