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slacker seriousness and Entertainment


Yeap, i was chatting to Red about all this a couple of days ago, i think he likes to confuse the issue with serious prices and sales with serious art, what is it? especially when you throw the retarded deal of ebay into the mix,. Entertainment to him , which we talked about is a negative like artists should entertian, that trivialized the art or makes it look like its showmanship or pandering to cheapness, maybe. i say Entertainment is what people get from watching the flow of picture being turned out on ebay weekly, something i noticed as unique way back there that people will watch just to see what you make, if it don't get to borring and obviously directed towards a decorative gerna, . hell its all entertainment basicly the way i see, it. this sorta flippiant attidude i gots is from the or what i call the Slacker psychology , grew up around in Austin , its basicly ol hippy stuff which is ol country stuff -- now what am i talking about, well, ill be making a vid about it tonight, hummm
the slacker idea comes from the serious nature to suceed, its like "not whether you win or lose but how you play the game" type of stuff,. i told Red its how you play the game people will remeber not if you won by sales,. That one thing that can be a temptrese is sales if you take them seriously , well they should be but then again, you have to know why people buy and there are alot of rich folks out there playing games, something me and red figured out about ,. Besides Red , my adventures around art scene and watching all sorts of crowds talk about value , sales and how much something is worth, the really expenicive stuff not the stuff red points out like shark tank, but the local stuff where you actually see the price tag, is going to be this high end decrative markect that is everywhere its rich art made for rich people , who spend on impulse, , and ebay ain't much differnt, . if you want to make money , well your gonna have to be serious, its a career like a buisness, but if you want to make art and get respect by artists not rich ladys with to much time on there hands then , then your going to follow what creatively motives you other than an easy sale,
I always say its your imagination where does it go,? and how strong is it to pull you out of being intimadated by the seriousness of respect and peers, or value.

Red's new vid


Yeap, it looks like Red wants to close the door on the folk dual he is sending me this collection of piazza box art along with a bunch of other stuff, which might mark the end of stuff for a while, i think the video making can be exsoting if you put to much into it , or more like what you expect to get from it, . i generally like to make videos more or less, comming up with ideas and bs about it, some real and some not,
One person emailed me about the tv show cheaters about how fake it is , i don't think its fake like actors more like the editing and people in it are going along with what the show expects them to do, bust a cheating mate, staged ahhh i don't know it cann't be that black and white, either fake or real its like real but embellished or useing the camera to their advantage to get a point across, i think alot of the utube stuff is like that,

Red's package to me folk dual stuff

the folk dual for what ever its ambitions was it was ment to jab at people we didn't like , more like gallerys and groups , why? its an indirect insult to a degree but is it slander naaaaa, its entertainment, anybody who make stuff puts it out there will suffer crittizism, over it, I think what been going wrong in our culture which i have preached against for quit some time is the uncommon (passive agressive) scene the civil legal universe is bestowing on the morrons or ASHOLES of our community to play these types games , what the result is , is now thats the normal people devolope this assumtion that this is the way it is and the person who assumes this, is about as interesting as a saleman in a department store, flat borring sheep . they never develope beyond that of a sale pitch, and put the legal universe over everyday activity,. because thats the way it is,.
OK why go off on this, well our folk dual as entertaining as it was did run the risks of dirtying people's reputation if that is possible, i bet it won''t be long before some lawyer or firm will create the Reputation meter to see where your at like a credit score., the comments about the folk dual was if anything this lampooning the crafters out there , i went off on it for a while on this site way back. Its like the bluesman /punk vs the Bible belt crafters /silly dippy hippy artists , they are both the same in my books. Basicly thats what me and Red freaked out about who claimed the term "folk" But after a while i got to a point we are the real idiots for going into a maul and making a spectical out of our selves making fun of all these people who really don't give a shit and are about to call the secruity.
The art world is huge, i mean bigger than what me and red brain powers combined could muster , big by the facts about how many showing spaces , buyers and exhibits could be thrown, its out there, so to focus on this one mini fraction seems personal and if you run among a crowd.....


Artists are crazy, focused type of folk,. if you can piss one off they never go away, its personal and forever , i have to watch myself around here, but then again why would i want to piss some one off to begin with,? oh yea art crittizism, something i got to experriance over in two years of gradschool , it was a blast! Crittizism hummm well you are worth your words and one has to say them to be heard not simply an insult, one has to back them up to a degree, i think when one understand that there isn't much left to be said when one considers the person who says them so i keep my mouth shut , cause whats there to say that cann't be seen already.
, Art's coolness isn't worth it. i always saw it a facilitating a biography of some sorts less a person or artist as a stock there reputation value changes i guess people think they can control that.,
So ends yet again another chapter in this horror of folk, digging for new material,
last note,, one time i walked into a gallery at BlueStar and i knew the owner there they went to artschool and knew about art , well i started asking them about this one artist they had, like do you know this fellow is doing direct copyies of this one guy David Bates, a really known Texas artist , the owner admited he was inspired but not copyies but they sell like crazy,. i asked the owner you went to school you know this is wrong where is the interigity of the gallery on this one, "buuuut aaarnn't they greeeaat paintings" was his only remark,. yeaks justice in the art world is there? a crime or just morals or is art about art just art no matter what even if its just stupid