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Friday 13th list



So its here the players and the haters

first up is Eric max link

he has some good stuff, one of me and bill going at it , plus this Gang bang vid Fucking riot, the Sara stuff i am bidding on ,

The Second person is Red Mud link
he made a bunch of stuff on post its, and some vids to go along with it, the Ruby piece is funny, i bid on the jack olantern piece

the third person is Bill the snake artist From Austria, link
i think his work is by far the clearest , funny stuff i am bidding on the exploding head thing,
he has alot of CG pieces in the auction, the pin cushion , man, !

the forth is Tammy or Vanessa, her link
She i think , even with her crappy folk paint style has the most perverted stuff on there, well her and Eric tops , but less is more in her books, check it out.

and number Five, is manic mark who is winning the deal next to Bill, i think,
ahh his stuff is great , not perverted or violent or hatefill egotism, but odd none the less, i bid on several of them

And then there is Tootila , she has a bunch of stuff up about tthe 13th bantering alot of chickens, check her sstuff out

So thats it from what i can tell, i am fatigued over this whole mess got a show right after the 13th,

Friday 13th ,


Its here again that time of year hummmm what to do?
13 the intro on paper ebay link

well for all of those who ave clicked over here form my Utube page some on sugested i keep a main list of who all is posting and links so
this main entry is gonna be it! i am going ot add to it for the next week or so, and have results afterward,. And, i am going to post mainly ebay stuff not so much videos cuase everybody mostly has seen them on utube , (there will be alot),. So whats the first item up.?

Well i conned this woman i am seeing into makein this painting which she regrets but its classic, the XXX version was funny but toned it down a bit--link

She made this really nice painting with all my favorite themes, to it Jason ,drained women and a head of a woman check out her link

along with that two other sorta portraits of chicken G is up don't know if this is 13th work
but it sure scary enough to be, Tootille link and Bosco made a painting of me after the Failed chimp stuff link

more to come -----

Check out this---