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updats for Feb


So whats in store for Utube, well i am about to kick it in to major gear in a couple of weeks in what will be the las stand in Redford or BBQ,
there will be a mini ebay blitz with it, i might have upload all this crap when i get back in march who knows if i have reliable net out there, the liberary sticks, it cuts off at any moment,
so what vids
i am rolling around a couple on cooking one comentary about the last two years, humm who knows i make up alot of it on the spot on what to shoot, improv,
So but the ebay stuff,
well i want to also bring back two older vids "last night at the shotgun house" and a "talk with bill" the last works i suspect are going to be in these lines , i know there is the two pieces me and Eric Maximus , great Bible exchange, deal they are almost done, and then i think two horse and riders one based on Justin get up, and the other this bosco/bart deal, and then a snake pit clock and a mudhead clock, plus two cann hamms pieces i guess that will mark the end of the deal , most of my other stuff is pulled outta there.,
Then there is the Exhibit that Ruby threw, i don't have the stan'ne'ma to write about it, right now but i got some photos for later, kinda like i have some more secret scruffy art to be released for later dates.,
So last weekend or so i set up in my front yard and tryed to sell work sold one, and cooked chicken legs, it was fun,.

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