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Blasts from the pasts, lets see these were made i think 1990, based on old fangoria mags,


1989-- some horror painting, alot of these types of paintings i think are either given away or incased in the walls of my studio, i did sell one of them for 40 bucks off ebay a while back,


this painting was like my surreal nightmare painting and i noticed i put a Freddy character into it, i think its like this guy is painting this mulitface terror, etc- now that i look at this it remined me of when i made it i thought this was a masterpiece, i was real proud of it, back then , and i do believe when i went to Alvin CC i had in a painting class and the other students who were either nerds like me and returining mothers and Christian women hated it, they thought i had mental problems or worshiped the devil, ahh its just painting, man!

K. Ohare . collection 2


An old painting i think a self poit, made iin 94

Some old chair that went between me an Drek, way back, all the work was made around 94 , before the folk deal came around i think i wanted to make work that was a cross between lovecraft and some back woods gore thing, with women hidden in there,

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