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what up its monday!


Last night was interesting cause of where i live here in san marcos , something always happens out on the street. not very often, but
last night it sounded like a major commotion was going down out there at 2 in the morning, basically two cars that were ,people who knew each other, hit a deer, and the poor thing was trying to get up, but the ordeal was the drunk bitches and there boyfriends fighting over it the guys cussing cause there car got hit and the women crying and screaming it was real dramatic, , i wrestled to get up form sleep, a dead sleep
i can almost psychically scene a fight some where the tones change , body language, noise the patterns sound like a fight,. but it wasn't this time, so after a lot of cussing they drove off with this deer litteral flaying in the middle of the road, then like the magic of the urban forest t pick up truck comes by and a guy gets out shoots the thing and throws it in the back, after about 15 mins after the hit, the shot i missed but i ran back out to see what happen i was part naked outside and it was cold so i scrambled around trying to find my coat, and bamb it was gone,.
but i woke up this mouring thinking, shit i missed a great utube moment,. what the hell,,. this is where my mind is going nowadays, no more art career now looking for moments to video tape and add to the chickengeorge antics, i thought man it would be a great video if i cought these idiots yelling an screaming with each other , then after they take off i go out there grab the dear and butcher it here in the studio and have on hell of a BBQ, good God, Utube is now taking over ebay in ideas for shit, i end up going to this bar, and got about 12.50 worth of beer, and make some pretty good bar drawings and as i was figuring the tip, i ended up asking myself, what the ebay value of tonight work was, cause thats the final bar tab, ok 16 bucks, WTF, well at least i know its payed for in some way, i rationalize it like sports this is practice,,. as i sat there festering about what kinda art my buddies make, i think there isn't many "real" artist out there now its all concept and design, no more of that old fation drawing and painting. but as the night went on i video taped it, and found myself stareing at the waitreses ass all night and skin tone, as i went into a lone star buzz, thinking yeap this is what i really want, another piece of ass agian,.

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