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i would say , and it dawned on me a while back one night when i woke up from a dream that, because of my obsessive /fanitcal nature, i suspect i am living this bad coutry song spun by the likes of these guys,
When i got hold of the cd back in the early 90's i remember Drek and Kyle listing to it and FEAR, alot when we were drinking i like the cd, and i think it had a after effect of searching for this lost redneck Texas kinda stuff, i not a cowboy , but neither were these guys who made the album.

I think the story goes , the creation of this cd is it was joke, made by a backup country band , but some how got spread around. The music is more like drunken old west saloon music with funny narritives and sound checks and slang.
ahh , i like the album there mihght be a few music video based on a could of the songs ,


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