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Kat 97 conti 3


Justin's last exit outta Redford

Kat conti,, part3
Well, one of the funny things about kat which is why i brought her up here, is well.
Jeff was trying to get rid of her after the first night but she wouldn't leave, i figured she was homeless, and seemed freindly,
she had a flirty way about her that scared some guys and fooled others, to bad she wasn't good looking enough for us to fall for it,
So it was funny like what are we gonna do about her., not really asking her to leave , "cause we were all cool like that"
the next night or so jeff locked his door and she knocked it down, it was sorta getting cold i remember and in our house the floors were so dirty, that really there was no where to sleep unless you had a bed or something. After she scored one more night with jeff, he came up to me and said "WTF are you guys doing by inviting her here she is crazy!" we just laughed and said she is funny and enjoyed her company so, the next night or so he told her to fuck off and she as gone, or so we thought.

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