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So folks , here it is 12 plus , painting blitz i have till june to get this shit in order,
and i had to pull out all the stop, bought new paint, gesso form Uthreck and now a roll of 25 yards canvas, i havn't done that in a while,

Here is whats rolling and the fist one which have been floating around the studio, since last sumer was, Eric's photo or film still of Luie that drunk guy, i used him in this painting and a pregant dog, they are fixing a bob wire fence, the next side will be a Goat pulling a brick,
The next one is one of cowboy Kelly digging his own grave which is true,

there are alot of painting riding on this deal, alot of side project that won't be in the main set, basicly,

So what new topics coming up...
News about Tammi , the Christian folk artist, and how she got on regretsy this site that makes fun of entzy i think, and how she was put to rest,.

News about the greatest dating comeback ever in my life , i am now with Scruffy, and a 2006 course that was layed apon me is cast back,

news about Freddy McCoo and his show over in Project Row houses

news about Tzune and her visit here in Redford,


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