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my back is still hurting, my heart is broken and i lost my hat, WTF, and nobody bought anything, but i did get a check in the mail recently, so
What else, humm i am working on some more women in red dress sculptures, i think ill make another video about how women are real good with knives,. or something,
lest see what else
i am building up for the Friday 13th deal, .,


Well, what was suppose to be one of the better 4th's turn out to be a be bust, it rained and was sorta depressing in retrospect.,

i am curious does anybody i know read this, site, i went through the stats on it for my hoster it says it make make 1600 hits a month or visits if anybody out here read this...
click conti reading...

the devils rocking chair



Yeap so the calendar deal is on hold i was painting pretty feveriously this last three weeks and well i need to sit on them .
check out the video below

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