Big Bend Studio 09: January 2009 Archives

two works for the show


"After math of a dust devil"
"Running part the cock pit"

the battle goes on


Well i am headed back to my main studio, here,
and have to complete the last of the five paintigns for the show, i sometimes work best when there is this much presure you don't have time to cut and dice everything to your satifaction, , you have to say, this is what i layed down is it proper if so, fuck it lest go on..
I also talked to James Evans, form Marathon, and have one strong lead on settting up down in Big Bend again, among other oprunitys, etc, So, the end of , San Marc/Brenham year will be over in a couple of months or so ,and its out in the desart again, time to lose weight and question what the fuck am i doing all over but this time, with video camra hummmm.