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New set of work comming



Well i think i am going to start just posting work here for sale like a continual blog "items for sale" list but it will be this "neo western " work, and alot of studies of it i can see this site just hosting the grimmly figuretive stuff, like, something like this,(this is a still form the great video erik max took above) i am going to make a western out of it.

I think alot of the images for the neo wet will be amature vids and old off beet bad westerns, like God's Gun here, wierd scenes, i must have watched this a dozen times nowIMG_1929.JPG

"so what else is going on hummmm, i am getting into woodglue and plaster alot making soem sculptures more on that later"

painting and such



well its been about two weeks here in production, it a bit odd like a prison basicly the heat keeps you arrested, but what marvelious acts of painting , are taking place, well
i am setting out on very site related issues, not trying to build a contempoary style or worry about that i am just going to let my imagination and visual world move it, i know there is this display i want to make over in Marathon i am working on,. called Canned Hamm, more on that in a few weeks, and,
ia m makeing this like seimi impressionistic / folk - type of work , but i keep throwing out in ebay, cheep! to fucking cheep ,
the last painting i posted on here the sheriff chicken george on wood went for 20 bucks, i started to wonder if anybody reads this site any more, or gives a shit as to what i am doing on here, maybe i looking for some buyers not stalkers anymore, this site has been rolling for what over four years, and this is all the pull its got, ahhhh fuck it,
i am out trying to get justin going on this devil dog deal, somehting to take to Marathon, etc he is makeing some landscapes, we have some plans, i am going to stick with local folk lore, like henry clay or kelly pruitt, stuff that can meet my grizzled ends here

checkers RIP


its too bad Justins dog got killed not even three days of being here,

Videos about Justin, this other artist thats here, on his way ,

So, somebody asked me to write more, humm as to what i am doing ,
well i have some shows comming down, one in austin OK mountian and some place in VA, so
What stupid ass storys to write about well
what s life like , well its hot as shit here, i am sweating all the time, i am back in Redford again, at night i take like six showers, get in bed wet, which has now drawn ants, in the moreing at 6 flyies come around, i keep a fly swatter next to the bed, i am so tired, cause i cannt sleep, but in the morning i am so relaxed that a fly bugs me, i just pick up the fly swatter, and even know the asshole is on my face i just say , do it i cann't take it and i swat my own face and the fucker is dead and fuck where is he at i don't care, untill the next one.

Sheriff Chicken George



Well i forgot what it was like to be out here its hot, but i feel alot better i have more energy, and at night its so hot that you cann't sleep, which means i am losing weight as i try to sleep, yeaaa haaaa, so
its gonna take time to get back re aqualted but i done it before and really its just spartan Texas Training,