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Yeap i am gonna hit this when i get back here, WTF i cann't do conservative stuff, ill shooot out a chicken form time to time but the main body here is going to be to get rid of these old rolls of paintings and making my neo wester stuff somehting i started back in June , man does time fly here one phaze is done? wow, well i better get back to it, i like doing this kinda work more something to wake up to, a evovoling set of sorts and i have some paintings comming up here
So whe i get back ph i suspect in a couple of weeks things wil heat up again

Well i am trying to get back on the ball here, went back to my neo figs west style i think i am just gonna stick with that and throw weight to the wind, i have all these places to do more conservative work for , meaning less scary but ahhh, its borring and i just don't have the heart for it so i am gonna stick to my regular twisted work pick up where i left off early this year, the problems with those set of five paintings that went to Laredo..

Red Cap Cazy



Yeap folks well i am off for a while going to do an art show, in Austin,,. sounds like fun,.

i liked making this last video , i might just slow down on the v- blogging and make real production videos like bad desert horror move type of stuff dealing with art and ego antics, it almost feels better to be pissed off and covered with red mud than being borriing ahhhhh who knows

Hangman piece