Big Bend Studio 09: September 2009 Archives

Back in Redford,


Its funny cause, the time line is simlar to what happen ten years ago, i was here , left and came back, in fall of 1999, i was living here, with serg, he had a studio right down the road, i went back sept 1 to kick out a bad roommate in San marc chicken house still had a thing for this woman, who i was dating back there and her exe boyfriend who was a painter too, came out to Redford to live,. so when i got here Joey was here wanting to meet me, he had already got hold of serg , over the next few months the sparks began to fly,
Maybe ill talk about what happen ten years ago in relation to now,
So i am back to work i have fomr what i figure four big projects to grapple before the year is up , and Justin splits outta here,


Buy a one of a kind or second of a kind as Bosco, paints an event form me hanging out at Marathon Texas the 4th of July, up on ebay now starting price 19.99

check out previous entry and video on this,