Big Bend Studio 09: November 2009 Archives



Studio, and two haunted figures, stuff i like to paint when i get drunk and stuff
plus two paintings about Spring Thomas.

"She keeps diggin in her pants" a painting about this utuber,

Field Lab ------ John Wells


Wells, and this pet cow Benito, --- the cow was real calm and he walked around alot, loooking for food, funny watching this animal i think i am going to make some paintgins on him feeding this cow, Well, looks like the old grizzled rancher, its classic painting material,


Photobucket As the night came about , we ate some cornish hens and drank beer and build fire and chatted about life, and what not,
He has a sustainable house check out his links, .
alot of the time i thought man this is what its like to be hermit, man there ain't nobody out here


Field lab- link

This is what life is about watch this video, fuck everythign else

John Swinton' woman piece
one of the pieces from the Friday th13 set,

Studio cann ham stuff



So whats going on, well i am headed out for the weekend going to go by this place called Field Lab and shoot some stuff on this guy,

and i am working on some more canned hams it seems the only way to make this kinda work look good is when your drinking, i had some freinds over and we chatted and drank beer and i was editing these pieces makeing them right, some how i if i am just working on them by myself they take for ever, ahhh

the 13 deal was fun sold most to James up in Marathon