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So folks
i guess since i was over in the brenham studio and needed something to do and i created this mini sketch painting set
So whats this set about well i will keep up load stuff to explain it
"Two farmers argue over black Goat" click for link yeap you can see ol red looking at this other farmer as he eyeballing his goat, ," i think there is something i get in trouble about eye ballling or looking , people notice it when you look, maybe this a wierd culture thing,. One of the funny things about being in Redford was i was reminded how white i was, not me notice in who is around but , these selected folks who like to point out culturel differance, one was "Anglos like to stair you down , as opposed to Hispanics who never look at each other" there is a whole back ground to is as White folks like to dominate , look here i one thing they do,. Farmer i guess since they are dealing with the farm and stock get personal about what they are doing and picky especialy when two run up on each other and start arguing over farm stuff, i wish i had some utube vids on that stuff.

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