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here check this out,-- Ebay link---

Yeap this is funny, whats about the link, is that this was one of the first couple of paintings ever listed on ebay, oddly it never sold off ebay either here check out this old link to my CDC site here--

the painting was sold locally to this older couple who bought a whole collection of my work back in 2005 , before i went to SA, it was a god send to get that big of a sale that time but alot of the pieces they got were a bit out there for them i felt ,so they relisted it or listed it along with another one on ebay, Funny thing about that painting was a lady who bought some of my work off ebay the first one, Lorna, she said somebody contacted her about that painting when she was buying a couple of my items, and told her look you know he did this ,Sick!,. so its returned some 9 years after the fact, - i have a feeling alot of my work will come back to where it came, i told Red there is like 600 plus pieces out there,.,

funny thing is there are a couple of peices like this up, right now
Bar Tard about the Cove is up and along with the first chicken bone piece i ever did, the same guy who is selling this one is selling the bar tard-- from the Cove bar,
and then some guy who bought two of the folk dual pieces about Red is flipping some

the value,.
So the value is set at a min 50 buck from here on out i guess if they want to flip the pieces i think its a record of the amount of resale chicken george on ebay six pieces wow, three seperate sellers, to, one of the pieces actually sold on old 1991 babtism painting i listed sold and it resold to somebody for 150,
I think form here on out the cheap shit id over on ebay unless its Friday 13th deal or something, which is comming up fast, and i ain't done shit yet

yeap and buy a Jolly chimp painting 150 a piece email me, gzupp-at- hotmail
i need some money,,

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