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How its gonna work....



the new idea, is to keep up about 8 new paintings on ebay, (this new line of work) and rotate out them off and on to the main backstock here,

Winnning-- Uncle Sam Bank


Hold on both paintings have been improved

this is the "Winning to Fail" --- $150.00

oil on wood, there is a set of ten made this last Dec, sold six of them for 150 a piece,-
spray paint


Oil on wood, " a jolly chimp puts coins in an ol Uncle Sam Registry ", $250.00

Two Monky paintings



oil on canvas Framed, ---"Monkeys with extended jaws go to the dentist"-- 2011-


oil on canvas framed-- "tied up monkeys go crazy by a shed"--- 2011-- $250.00

"Fail" for Red========


This painting was just shipped to Red for some wierd trick he wants to play-- hummm we shall see,

The attempt to establish a line of work i coin the ----jolly something- in something monkey something===
i don't know yet but
Being this is my blog i want to keep it on a new direction ,,, this being just these types of works
related to ebay and net sales so this will be the official start of the set,,.,

Improved again!---
failJ12.png cannt you see the pain of Failing this time Epic!--- $120


New "Fail" painting improved----


So there is alot of utube stuff thats never been posted here, and there is shows and exhibits too, this site might not up date that anymore. i am Ending the crazyness of chickengeorge to be more curious from here on out I am revising my main site GZ to reflect my current interests, and it aint monkies or paintings.

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