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"you just keep driving past that,"


Oil on wood,-- $180.00- made just recently--

The Arcade of the Monkeys



"Armless Monkey with yellow Kitty" oil on wood, 2012- framed -$200.00

i think that's what the new set is going to be called ,
The Arcade of the 12 monkeys, something like that..
working on four more---
Email me if any of viewers are interested buying check or paypal.

"Spilled Beer" -----


Improved, strike two-- this is another photo of it?
its still at 200, i like to think, thats it its doen no more but after a while i look at it, 7 days or so and then i realize , stuff about the painting,

Spilled Beer---- oil on canvas-- for sale ======$200.00

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